Charlotte NC Shipping Containers

Buying Shipping Containers in Charlotte

Shipping containers are used to transport goods or belongings in an environmentally controlled environment for long periods of time. When you purchase a shipping container, it will come with an individual or company warranty to cover unexpected damages to the container. Some companies may offer replacement shipping containers for free if they ship yours out for repair. A general purpose shipping container is called a “dry van shipping container”. These dry van buy shipping containers Charlotte are completely enclosed, secure from the weather and the elements, with strong sides, double roof and bottom. This type of container can safely transport anything from furniture to heavy equipment.

Container Materials

Dry van shipping containers may be comprised of welded steel or durable aluminum. It is better to purchase a container that’s at least 40 feet in length and eight feet wide, as size does matter when it comes to shipping containers. These large containers often have their own automatic loading systems, so it doesn’t require any special handling. Many containers have the ability to be locked, so the contents do not have to be left out in the cold. Often, you can even lock the contents to prevent them from getting damaged in transit.

Shipping Container Doors

Shipping containers are available in both single and double door configurations, with an option to select either a locking or a non-locking side. Many models have limited capacity because they have a reduced ceiling height. Cargo as large as three tons may be transported in shipping containers that weigh nearly twenty pounds. If you’re looking for a shipping container for a certain size, be sure to ask the dealer or shipping company about available options. Many also have optional window kits available, allowing you to view your goods safely from inside the container.

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