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Premium™ Vinyl (V-4500)

Products that reek of premium quality and durability is the right kind of description about our goods and services.

Hard Surface Vinyl Runner – By the Foot

Comfort is not our only strong ground, as we understand that there is much more to your home.


The type of services we provide are the kind of ones that you were hoping to receive.

Hardwood floor vinyl

Come test our assurance of top quality, with hardwood floors that look and feel unique. 

Sheet Vinyl

Sheets spread across the distance of your choosing, helps you imagine every day to be a wedding.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing that withstands any obstacles and elements put on it are the ideal additions to your home. 

Green Vinyl Roofing

By adding Green Vinyl Roofs, your home will make every passer-by stop and take notice. Hence, we are sorry if you do not receive any attention.

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“After months of searching and research, I ultimately realised that all I had to do was visit Built Best Constructions since they had all the right options.”
Ethan Valdez
“I kept skipping my plans to change the roof because I felt that it might take a lot of my time and effort. But all that changed when I met the folks at Built Best Constructions.”
Adam Brooks
Los Angeles

Flooring and Ceiling Tile

We aim at providing you with an all-round solution when it comes to flooring and roofs to let you transform your dream home into a reality.  

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Locating Top Notch Contractors for Your Home

You want to make every effort to ensure that the contractor you hire for your home renovation is not only one who will deal honestly with you but is also reliable as well. There are lots of contractors out there who are just great; the problem is you’ll have to do a little digging sometimes to find the right one. It doesn’t have to be a difficult process though if you follow these helpful steps.


A most excellent technique is the word of mouth when you are looking for a contractor. Assuming you have a nearby resident or relative that has had a great encounter with a contractor they can recommend, then 50% of the job is already done. Although an individual should still address the contractor to be certain that he is the best for the project they are starting, they will at the very least have a trusted referral. This is the first method you might attempt to locate a contractor, though certainly, this isn’t always possible. Another way to find out facts about contractors currently is on the web. Although not all people understand this, a lot of skilled workers presently have web critiques, given by clients that are around town. Certainly, not all reviews can be trustworthy, yet you can get a pretty good idea provided there are enough of them. Another way is to pay for registration to a service similar to Angie’s List, which shows autonomous criticism of contractors and all sorts of other services.


Credit References

One way to protect yourself from hiring the wrong person or company is to ask for bank and credit references that you can check. Keep in mind that this person will be in your home and possibly around your family before you dismiss it as too extreme. Since you probably don’t know the contractor you’re considering this will allow you to learn that he does at least have credit accounts in the area. The key here is to feel confident that your contractor isn’t going to skip town the moment you’ve paid your deposit. Legitimate contractors should have accounts with local supply companies. Keep in mind that this doesn’t work with jacks of all trades and other handymen it only works well with bona fide contractors.

Before you go out and hire a contractor, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want done. If you don’t know what you want you can easily be talked into so much more than you had intended to do by your contractor. You might also find, should you fail to properly think things through, that what you had in mind wasn’t as grand as you had thought it would be. Consider what you want the result to look like, what kind of materials you prefer and what you’re willing to spend. If you’re feeling a bit uninspired or having a hard time putting what you want into words, your local hardware and/or home improvement store can help you figure it all out. Keep in mind that there are also many excellent websites, magazines, and books devoted to home improvement projects that are sure to help as well.

In addition to increasing the value of your home; home improvement projects can also make your home a more appealing place for you and your family to live. Be selective in your search for a contractor since high quality contractors are going to be much more likely to give you exactly what you’re looking for. These principles will help you find the contractor most likely to give you the renovations you want.

Charlotte NC Shipping Containers

Buying Shipping Containers in Charlotte

Shipping containers are used to transport goods or belongings in an environmentally controlled environment for long periods of time. When you purchase a shipping container, it will come with an individual or company warranty to cover unexpected damages to the container. Some companies may offer replacement shipping containers for free if they ship yours out for repair. A general purpose shipping container is called a “dry van shipping container”. These dry van buy shipping containers Charlotte are completely enclosed, secure from the weather and the elements, with strong sides, double roof and bottom. This type of container can safely transport anything from furniture to heavy equipment.

Container Materials

Dry van shipping containers may be comprised of welded steel or durable aluminum. It is better to purchase a container that’s at least 40 feet in length and eight feet wide, as size does matter when it comes to shipping containers. These large containers often have their own automatic loading systems, so it doesn’t require any special handling. Many containers have the ability to be locked, so the contents do not have to be left out in the cold. Often, you can even lock the contents to prevent them from getting damaged in transit.

Shipping Container Doors

Shipping containers are available in both single and double door configurations, with an option to select either a locking or a non-locking side. Many models have limited capacity because they have a reduced ceiling height. Cargo as large as three tons may be transported in shipping containers that weigh nearly twenty pounds. If you’re looking for a shipping container for a certain size, be sure to ask the dealer or shipping company about available options. Many also have optional window kits available, allowing you to view your goods safely from inside the container.